Appeal for office supplies for groups affected by Walker Church fire


We are the three organizations who had offices in Walker Community Church which burned to the ground on the night of May 27-28 and was then completely demolished on the morning of May 28, Memorial Day. We all lost everything our organizations owned at that time.

However, we have now found a wonderful new home in the building at 4200 Cedar Ave. S. in Minneapolis, We are happy that all three groups can move together into the old Danish American Hall, which has just been converted into a home for offices, meetings, and events for local peace and justice groups.

We all intend to go on carrying out our missions. In fact, we’ve been active during the past six weeks since the fire. We are so grateful to all our supporters and friends for the gathering around all of us, giving huge moral support at a time when it is so needed.

We are once again coming to you to help us in fulfilling our purpose. Our bare offices need many things as we are truly starting all over again — from scratch. Look over the list below and if you find an item(s) that you have and would like to contribute please consider doing so.

Please bring your donations to 4200 Cedar Ave. S., Mpls. The building will be open, and someone will be there to help you unload, at the following times:

Wednesday, July 18, 5 – 10pm
Saturday, July 21, 11am – 4pm

If you need to drop off items at another time, call Dave at 612-276-1213, and we will try to arrange for that. If your items are too large or heavy for you to transport, call the same number, and we’ll try to find someone with a truck to pick them up.

The plan: We are working together because it is so much more efficient than each group trying to find the particular items they need. When the items have been collected, our three groups, who lost our things in the fire, will have first pick. After that, the donated items will go to other groups who are re-locating in the same building, or for common use in the building. (We will have a common child care area and a common workroom for printing, copying, sign painting, banner making, etc.) Anything still left over will go to whatever like-minded groups that can use them, with any remainder sold at a garage sale to make money for our three groups.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Members of Communities United Against Police Brutality,
The Members of Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee, and
The Members of the Welfare Rights Committee


General note: all items should be fully functional, though not necessarily cosmetically perfect. Electronic items should be quite recentvintage suitable for current technology.

Office furniture:
Desks with drawers
Computer desks and computer workstations
Office chairs
Folding chairs
Partitions (stationary, folding, or rolling – please call before bringing)
File cabinets
Lateral file cabinets particularly desirable
Storage cabinets and storage lockers
Large plastic storage bins

Office equipment:
Computers (not over 5 years old)
Laptop computers
Flat screen monitors
Computer peripherals – keyboards, mice, speakers, etc.
TV with DVD / VCR player
Printers, especially high speed laser printers (ink jet printers not needed)
Copy machines
Scanner / fax
Paper cutters
3-hole punches
Tape dispensers
Heavy duty or long-throat staplers
Projectors / projectors for laptops
White boards
Waste baskets

Office supplies:
Reams of paper
Pads of large paper (for meetings)
File folders
Hanging files and racks
Pens, pencils, markers, dry erase markers
Sign painting and banner making materials
Printer cartridges

Children’s toys, books, movies, and drawing supplies
Books for lending library, relating to issues which groups are working on. (Reasonably current or of historical interest)
Videos and DVD’s for lending library (same as above)
Kitchen equipment
Pictures / decorations

Particular requests from CUAPB:
Two corner work stations and a connecting table
Small conference table and chairs
High-end computer or laptop
Fireproof cabinet or safe
Video cameras – digital, with zoom & night vision

Particular requests from Welfare Rights Committee:
Small refrigerator
Coffee maker – regular 10 cup and 30 cup maker
Small TV / DVD player