Petition | Tell Congress to restore your right to due process and electronic privacy!

In the wake of the 2012 presidential election, Congress and the Obama administration enjoy several opportunities to advance civil rights and civil liberties. Constitutional rights and principles are important to all Americans, yet leaders from each of the major political parties, in spite of their oaths of office, remain committed to assaulting them.

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First, add your name below to the legions of other Americans who share your concerns about warrantless wiretapping, indefinite and arbitrary military detention within the United States, and outdated protections for electronic privacy.

Second, look up your members of Congress and call their offices to reinforce your concerns. If Congress proceeds on its current trajectory, it will address none of these concerns this year. Only if members hear a groundswell can we hope for our constitutional rights to gain ground during this year’s lame-duck period.

For more information about the various pieces of legislation addressed in this petition, visit BORDC’s further analysis offering more detail about these assaults on your rights.

Sign the petition online!