Tell Congress to Vote No to War on Syria

The White House and Pentagon are preparing a cruise missile attack on Syria. Failing to receive international support for these plans, and in the face of overwhelming opposition from the US public, the Obama Administration is now turning to Congress for cover in the form of a resolution authorizing the use of military force. When Congress returns to DC next week, on September 9, their votes will determine whether and how a war on Syria may begin. This week, while they are in their home districts across the country, politicians need to hear from their constituents. Now is the time to mobilize, and pressure Congress to vote NO WAR ON SYRIA.



Call to say NO to war with Syria.

  • Pres. Obama, White House – 202-456-1111
  • Rep. Keith Ellison – 612-522-1212 (supporting attack on Syria)
  • Rep. Betty McCollum – 651-224-9191 (opposed to attack)
  • Sen. Franken – 651-221-1016 (supporting attack)
  • Sen. Klobuchar – 612-727-5220 (supporting attack)


Join the Anti-War Committee

Help build a movement to oppose this war, and the next one. The AWC is an all-volunteer group, organizing against US intervention around the world. At our meetings, we plan protests, educational events, and other work to build a movement against US wars. Join us 7pm Thursdays at 4200 Cedar Ave S #4, Minneapolis.



In the event of a US military attack on Syria, there will be emergency protests within a day – either at 4:30 at the Minneapolis Federal Building (weekday) or 11am at Hiawatha & Lake St (weekend). Use Twitter, Facebook or our website to confirm specific plans.     and