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About 50 anti-intervention supporters gathered in Minneapolis on Saturday afternoon to reiterate their resolve for peace in Syria and the Middle East.

Earlier Saturday, Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States and Russia had reached an agreement to remove or destroy Syria’s chemical weapons by the middle of 2014.

“Hey, (President) Obama, you should know, the people don’t wanna go,” a woman said over a megaphone as dozens held signs near the intersection of Hiawatha Avenue and East Lake Street in Minneapolis. The rally included speakers and a 10-block march along Lake Street.

Organizer Jess Sundin of the Anti-War Committee said a rally the previous Saturday at the same location had about 300 participants.

“I don’t think people’s views have changed,” Sundin said. “We are hopeful the peace will hold, but we want to use this time to build an anti-war movement.”

Penelope Mace of Minnetonka was at Saturday’s rally and attended three rallies the previous weekend.

“We should keep the pressure up, because I don’t believe the government,” said Mace, who held a white sign with multicolored letters reading “Don’t attack Syria.”

Mace said she was concerned about U.S. aid to rebels in Syria and the belief that most of the rebels are not from Syria and are committing horrible acts against women and children.

Mace said it’s time for a broader examination of the United States’ policy in the Middle East.

“We need to stop supporting Israel and start supporting Palestine. Fight for people, not the needs of dictators,” Mace said. “This isn’t new.”

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