Syria Teach-in and Speak Out: Organizing Against War

In August, the Obama Administration threatened a military attack on Syria. After a flood of public opposition and international pressure, the attack was delayed. The threat remains. Come hear from Syrian American keynote speaker, Dr. Matar Matar, on the reality in Syria, and join a community discussion on how to build a movement to stop a war on Syria.

  • What are US interests in Syria?
  • What would be the impact of military intervention?
  • What can we do to stop a new war?

Join us for a program of education and action. Childcare & snacks provided.

* * * About Dr. Matar Matar * * *

miniMatarMatarHis name means rain in Arabic language, he is from Syria, came to United States in 2009, he is a MD doctor working in Clinical research in Endocrinology field in Chicago. Matar is a member of the Syrian American Forum, He is very active in most of Hands off Syria protests alongside with other anti-war groups, and he gave many speeches against the US military intervention on Syria and against arming the Syrian rebels. His main concern is about the future identity and unity of Syria. He is very famous with his slogan, “Long Live Syria “

The Syrian American Forum (SAF) was created in early 2012. SAF aims to influence decision makers and the media to properly understand the complex situation in Syria.

SAF advocates:
* Syrian National Reconciliation and Unity through dialogue.
* Promoting reforms.
* Rejection of violence and foreign intervention.
* A Secular Syria based on the coexistence mosaic of the Syrian society.

Co-Sponsored & endorsed by the Middle East Committee of WAMM, MN Peace Action Coalition, Students for a Democratic Society – U of MN, Twin Cities Peace Campaign, Welfare Rights Committee, and Women Against Military Madness.

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