2013 Year End Appeal: Please support the Anti-War Committee

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December 2013  
Dear Supporter,  
The Anti-War Committee has been a local voice for peace for 15 years!  We have been organizing against U.S. wars since 1998.   
Hands Off Syria 
The Anti-War Committee was at the forefront of the fight opposing U.S. military aid to the Syrian rebels and against U.S. intervention in that civil conflict.  We believe that the Syrian people should get to decide their own political future and oppose U.S. efforts to install a puppet government and to spark a regional war.  The Obama administration was forced to back down from an attack this fall because of the local and national anti-war outcry and we plan to keep the pressure up.  We know places like Syria and Iran are still in the crosshairs of the Obama administration and we plan on continuing our work to oppose all new wars!  
Ground the Drones 
The Anti-War Committee has worked with local and regional partners to challenge U.S. drone policy.  In September we organized vans to take Minnesotans to the Midwest Action Against Drones in Chicago.  We protested against Boeing, the second largest weapons manufacture in the country, and attended a regional conference about building anti-war activism against drones.  This November we sent two Anti-War Committee members to Code Pink’s Drone Summit in Washington DC to be a part of a national discussion about how to deepen the peace movement’s work against drones.  
End Aid to Israel 
The Anti-War Committee has worked in solidarity with the Palestinian people since 2000 and continues to work to end U.S. military aid to Israel.  We organized a protest to mark the anniversary of Al-Nakba, collected hundreds of signatures against U.S. aid to Israel, and protested at Target downtown to pressure them to stop selling SodaStream, a product made on stolen Palestinian land.  We continue to show solidarity for Palestinian political prisoners including hunger strikers like Samer Issawi.  
Stop Attacks on Peace Activists 
The Anti-War Committee continues to play a leading role in the Committee to Stop FBI Repression.  Through the CSFR we work to defend the Anti-War 23 and to speak out against surveillance and state repression.  We are organizing support for Rasmeah Odeh, the newest activist to be caught up in the nimbus of the FBI’s investigation of our Committee and Midwest solidarity activists.  We continue to be concerned about the FBI’s continued investigation into our movement but we are not afraid to organize against war!  Thanks for standing with us.  
Your Support is Key 
We could not have stopped a war on Syria, participated in a regional protest against drones, or continued our grassroots organizing against U.S. aid to Israel or for civil liberties with out YOUR support.  Thank you for helping us further the causes of peace and justice.  The Anti-War Committee is a grassroots all volunteer organization.  We hope you can support our work by contributing financially to this important activism. Your tax-deductible contribution will be spent locally funding peace organizing.  To donate online please go here. Thanks for your support!   
Meredith Aby-Keirstead , Misty Rowan, and Thistle Parker-Hartog 
For the Anti-War Committee