Party for the mural project at 4200 Cedar


I know we just finally got to spring here in Minnesota, but I’m already thinking about fun summer projects in the works. Namely, the painting of a community art mural on the 42nd st. side of our office building in South Mpls. The building , which is still sorely in need of a name but that I call 4200 Cedar (also its address), is home to lots of activist groups, including the anti war committee. And we, along with the help of the community, are going to paint a mural that will represent (in a colorful, artistic way) the work that we do there. It has become quiet the undertaking, or maybe we didn’t realize the amount of work that went into something as collaborative as this. But with help of some experienced muralists (or muralistas, as Olivia put it) and some art students from the near by high school El Coligeo, and whatever other artists, locals, or passers-by we can round-up, we plan to put together something beautiful. And this summer, we’ll paint it on the wall.

Why am I so jazzed about this now, you ask? Well, because we’re having a fundraiser party, of course!

For one thing, we have to raise some money (for paint and supplies and that sort of thing), but also, it’s a chance to get the word out, and find out who might be interested in being involved. We want to meet our community! And now is the perfect time to get on board, because we are still in the earliest stages of planning what it will actually look like. If you think you’d be interested, this party is for you. And even if you’re just interested in seeing it happen (maybe not holding a paint brush yourself) this party will be good family fun. There’s going to be food, music, some poetry by yours-truly, and an interactive art project for the kids. You know it’s ganna be a good time.

Sat April 19th,
6pm to 9pm dinner and a bit of a program, then
9pm on- music and dancing
$5-15 requested donation.
All are welcome.

Here is the facebook event link:
(if you’re into that sort of thing) Oh yeah, and it’s at 4200 Cedar ave. Hope to see you there!