February 11 & 12 Action Alert: Say No to U.S. Weapons to Ukraine!

According to the United Nations, following the U.S.-inspired coup last February the death toll from fighting in eastern Ukraine is more than 5,300 people. Another 1.5 million people have been displaced.

As fighting intensifies, the Obama administration is now considering further escalation with $3 billion in heavy arms to the Kiev government in Ukraine. Washington already supplies “non-lethal” military equipment to Ukraine, but top officials are reportedly leaning toward sending arms, from rifles to anti-tank weapons.

Sending these weapons will, at a minimum, bring more suffering to millions of people in Ukraine.

More U.S. intervention could provoke a war with Russia which would have regional and global implications.

We need to stop the US and NATO from further escalating this conflict!
Join the Anti-War Committee in demanding no military aid to Ukraine!

Call In Days Tuesday & Wednesday, February 11th & 12th:

  • President Obama: 202-456-1111
  • Senator Al Franken: 202-224-5641
  • Senator Amy Klobuchar: 1-888-224-9043