Court Solidarity for Somali youth

Join us at the federal courthouse throughout the trial of local Muslim youth from the Somali community entrapped by the FBI. We will stand with these young men’s families and denounce the Dept. of Justice’s entrapment, surveillance, and terror baiting of the Somali community. This case is part of an ongoing organized attack against the East African community facing rising levels of Islamophobia, xenophobia, and racism and government repression.


We’ll use the comments on this event page to post information you need to know each day.


The trial is being held in 13E (13th floor, court room E), and the overflow room is 14E (14th floor, court room E).

** Getting into the court room **
When you arrive, head in through the front turn-stile doors, and wait in line on the left unless they are letting the public through with no line. Please respect family members wishes about who should be at the front of the line to ensure they get into the main courtroom. Dept of Homeland Security police have been aggressive with members of the Somali community throughout the trial. Please note that taking pictures of recordings of this abusive treatment is not allowed in a federal building. You will then go through a security checkpoint that includes scanning any personal items and walking through a metal detector. Proceed to the elevators and up to the court room.

** What to (not) bring **
Lap tops and back packs are not allowed through security unless you’re press, although messenger bags are allowed. To state the obvious, do not bring pocket knives, pepper spray, or other weapons with you. You may bring in water bottles/snacks as long as they are in your bag.

** How to act in court room **
Completely turn off your cell phone prior to entering the court room. There’s no talking in the overflow or court room, and even gesturing can get you kicked out. Do not assume people present are all supporters. We’ve had the pleasure of sitting next to a hefty crew of FBI agents for much of the trial thus far in the overflow room. If possible, make it clear you stand with the Somali community by sitting next to folks also there to support. We also encourage people to wear casual street attire.

** A note on security **
In an attempt to intimidate the Somali community and jurors, the government has called out bomb sniffing dogs at times in the lobby, has had both suited up and undercover Dept of Homeland Security police surrounding the building and on the light rail, and has had multiple Minneapolis police SUV’s parked outside. These are classic scare tactics. We will not be intimidated!

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