Stand Up to Trump! Speak Out Against War & Racism!

Stand Up to Trump!  Speak Out Against War & Racism!

Speech by Jennie Eisert representing the Anti-War Committee at the Resist from Day 1 Protest

January 20, 2017

Good afternoon, how y’all feelin’???  We in the Anti-War Committee understand that Trump’s policies of war and bigotry are linked, two sides of the same coin. When you look into Trump’s Cabinet nominations, you see Mike Pompeo, proposed director of the CIA, advocating for torture, and blaming Muslims for 20 years of “terror” attacks.  Jeff Sessions proposed Attorney General, also pro-torture, believes the NAACP and ACLU are “un-American,” joked that the KKK is okay, and defending surveillance of all of us. James “Mad Dog” Mattis proposed secretary of defense, is a war criminal, and thinks it’s fun to shoot people. David Friedman proposed ambassador to Israel, advocates for Ethnic Cleansing of the Palestinians, funding illegal Israeli settlements, and moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Trump’s foreign policy won’t promote peace in any form, and further legitimizes the occupation of the Palestinians. From Standing Rock to Palestine, Occupation is a crime!

Since 2001 when the “War on Terror” started, there has been a horrible uptick in fear propaganda, hate crimes, and targeting of our Muslim sisters and brothers. Trump encouraged and exploited anti-Muslim bigotry for his campaign. His actions to date mirror his worst words.

Trump has nominated some of the most right wing and hawkish Cabinet nominees in history, particularly the generals that he wants to run the military complex. Trump has said that he wants to carpet bomb Syria, his Cabinet will deliver. Trump won’t rule out ground forces in Syria, his generals will deliver. To facilitate this drive to war and domination, Trump has said he will begin a Muslim registry, need I say this, he has the Cabinet to deliver. We’ve heard his beating the drums of war throughout his campaign and we need to be in the streets to oppose Trumps wars!

This is why we in the Anti War Committee are calling for Franken and Klobuchar to vote against his Cabinet of deplorables. The Anti-War Committee knows that this isn’t a time to sit back.  We must be out in the streets demanding an end to the “War on Terror” and the policies that support it. We must stand up against anti-Muslim bigotry and attacks on immigrants!  We join with all of you to say “Enough is Enough, we Resist From Day One! We Stand Up! We Fight Back!” When I say “Stand Up”, you say “Fight Back”.