Civil Disobedience, my 1st arrest

So, recent FBI harassment of anti-war committee members has really shaken things up around here! Especailly at the office (since it was raided). All I can say is: Welcome to 1984. It has got me thinking about why I joined the committee in the first place, why I chose to stand up and speak out against war. I wrote this poem a while ago now, but it is still a personal favorite. Thank you Anti-War Committe for the valuable lessons learned.

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May Day Celebration 2010

So tonight was Freedom Road Socialist Organization’s annual celebration of international workers rights day and damn do we put on a good show! I heard some amazing and powerful speeches from some of FRSOs brightest (and loudest) brothers and sisters and can I just say-wow! There was so much energy in the room you could hear it crackle. I was so inspired to go out and make the revolution happen!

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March 20th Anti-war protest/concert

So this weekend was the big 7yr anti-war protest/concert. I got to perform my little 5min. bit right before Guante in the line up, and you know what? I did alright. My voice was shredded from leading chants during the march, but I managed to stir up some energy I think. Steph was moved to tears, Jess said. And Guante seemed to like my stuff. I did mention that a wrote Make New Friends in response to seeing him perform for the first time. He said he was flattered!

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Reportback on yesterdays protest "Let Marjah Live!"

Hey gang,

Good demo! The emergency response rally, called by IPAC yesterday in response to U.S. forces attacking Marjah (a city with 80,000 civilian residents), went really well! There was a good turn out and good weather (thats big for demos in Feb!)

70-80 demonstrators held banners and signs to heavy traffic in front of Amy Klobuchar’s office on Washington ave. (note: good location for this) Traffic showed good natured support, as speakers called for an end to the war and to immediately stop this attack which will result in devastating civilian casualties.

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