The Anti-War Committee is opposed to the U.S. military, political, and economic support for the state of Israel. We see Israel as an illegitimate apartheid state, and we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for justice and self-determination. We support the Palestinian right of return, the demand for a dismantling of Israeli settlements, an end the Israeli Occupation, and an end to racist policies in all of the territories. Our work includes protest, education, and solidarity trips to Palestine.

The situation is Gaza is urgent. Find more information on our home page, or check out this website by a Palestinian photojournalist living in Gaza.

Click here for current AWC posts about Palestine.

Below are some materials that we have written, or borrowed from, to gain more information about the situation and what we can do to change it

Statement by the International Action Center that calls for protests to end US support for Israel.

Statement by the Palestine Solidarity Group in Chicago on the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

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