How US Support for Israeli Oppression in Palestine Leads to Political Repression at Home: With special guest Cynthia McKinney

Former Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney, peace activist Sarah Martin and civil rights attorney Jordan Kushner will discuss the FBI raids, subpoenas, and suppression of opposition to U.S. support of Israel’s repression of Palestinians

Cynthia McKinney has faced political repression and risked her life for her outspoken criticism of Israeli treatment of Palestinians. Her six terms as a U.S. Congresswoman ended when pro-Israel lobby groups led a well-financed smear campaign against her. In 2006, a right-wing radio host / FBI-trained agent provocateur announced a program topic suggesting that Cynthia McKinney be lynched on her way to the polls and published her campaign address. As a passenger on The Dignity, a humanitarian relief boat to Gaza in 2008, Ms. McKinney braved an attack by Israeli gunboats that repeatedly rammed and tried to sink The Dignity in international waters.

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