Emergency Alert – Acute Dange of War Over Korea

SIGN the ongoing ONLINE PETITION to the Obama Administration and s. Korean Govt.
at http://www.iacenter.org/korea/stopattackondprk NOW! (join with thousands who have already signed on)

The right-wing government in South Korea is once again threatening live-fire war “exercises” from an island right off the coast of north Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). The DPRK has made it very clear that this would be an act of war to which it would respond vigorously.

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No war against Korea!

Scores of U.S. warships and fighter jets, carrying more than 6,000 crew members and reinforced by ships, planes and 70,000 soldiers of the armed forces of south Korea, began carrying out joint military “exercises” in the sea west of Korea on Nov. 28. They have brought the divided peninsula to the brink of war.

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Forum: New War Crisis in Korea?

Sunday, June 6 th @ 2:00 pm @ Mayday Books 301 Cedar Ave. South on the West Bank in Minneapolis

Speakers include:  Mick Kelly (Editor, Fight Back newspaper and Twin Cities anti-war activist) and  Meredith Aby (Member of the Anti-War Committee).  In recent weeks the world has watched as the U.S. and

South Korea make accusations against North Korea and stir up

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